Let It Go

Is a bit of a reminder of all the songs you've just heard on the album. It's reminding you of the strong Irish roots, audible throughout the whole album and the cheery, easy-going attitude of most of the songs.

A song that gives all those great musicians - who I hardly mentioned in this strange review - the chance to let themselves go and play for the sheer pleasure of playing. Still, I wouldn't mind if the song was a bit faster - to my ears it's somehow dragging it's feet a little.

The End of the World

Last but not least A very 'small' song to close the CD - just Bob playing guitar and singing. But with some remarkable backing vocals. Sadly the booklet of this CD does not tell you who's playing / singing on which song but in the whole list there's only two people who've been singing backing vocals: Rupert Hine (the producer) and Kevin Godley (of Godley & Creme). Listening to the backing vocals of this song, Imm sure it must be Rupert Hi - but then again, Bob once told me a rather astonishing story about Kevin Godley's visit to his dentist - maybe the song was recorded just minutes later? Whoever it is who's singing here - it's fab! How absurd to write a song about the end of the world, when no-one know what it's going to be like. But one thing for sure: It is going to be absurd!

 The Happy Club (1992)



1. Room 19 (Sha La La La Lee)
2. Attitude Chicken
3. The Soft Soil
4. A Hole To Fill
5. The Song Of The Emergent Nationalist
6. My Hippy Angel
7. The Happy Club
8. Like Down On Me
9. Too Late God
10. The Roads Or Germany (After B.D)
11. A Sex Thing
12. The House At The Top Of The World

All songs written by Bob Geldof except:
"The Song Of The Emergent Nationalist": Bob Geldof / Jami Moses
" The Happy Club": Bob Geldof / Karl Wallinger
" Too Late God": Bob Geldof / Karl Hyde
" The House At The Top Of The World": Bob Geldof / Rick Smith

Album notes...

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