Happy with The Happy Club
By Ian Westwood with photo supplied by Eddy Valdemeri

'I know it sounds trite and banal' explains Bob at the time the Happy Club was released, 'But the truth is that pop music is what I do, its what I do best and its the only thing I get satisfaction from.' Couldn't agree more,   I remember thinking to myself.  The Band Aid, Live Aid thing had made Bob a Saint, there's no doubt about that, but being a Rats fan from day 1, to the present day and for ever, I couldn't help thinking to myself that there was a major threat that all this would overshadow his identity as an incredibly gifted songwriter and performer.  The Happy Club, Bobs third solo release, came out in 1992, 7 years after the Live Aid thing.  I remember the 1st time I heard it, thinking Yes!!!!!! Absolutely brilliant.   





Bob had again adopted the spontaneous musical approach, as he had done 2 years earlier with the much acclaimed Vegetarians of Love Album.  A 13 song collection of freewheeling musical energy, Geldof's songs as ever, blending humorous lyrics, human tragedy and still managing to take a rather large grin at human idiocy.

I remember hearing an interview with Bob, he said that 'They had recorded a lot more songs than the 13 that had ended up on the album, in a very short space of time' never doing more than 3 takes for any song, the idea being to create a situation that inspired spontaneity.  This impulsive approach almost seems perfectly suited to the new songs.

The album starts with the absolutely brilliant -'Room 19'- a song inspired by the Moscow institute of the brain, where the brain of the likes of Stalin, Lenin and Tchaikovsky are studied and catalogued in great detail for posterity.  The song starts with the boys talking and clapping in thebackground and then building into the very catchy tune of the song.

Next -'Attitude Chicken'- a ruthlessly observed dig at the politically correct attitudes of the leisure classes.  Great song, great lyricsShe wears designer jewels, she's got designer clothes, which go with her designer mouth, eyes, ass, tits and nose -- Fantastic!!!!!

'The Soft Soil' - starts slow, builds and builds and builds, I love this song, derived from a phrase by Boris Yeltsin, made at the graveside of 3 Russian boys who died when they rushed to defend Moscow's Parliament during the attempted coup of 1991.  This song has a very similar strategy to that of 'Voyager 2', of the Vegetarians album.

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