Bob Geldof - Sex, Age & Death (2001)


1. One For Me
2. $6,000,000 Loser
3. Pale White Girls
4. New Routine
5. Mudslide
6. Mind In Pocket
7. My Birthday Suit
8. Scream In Vain
9. Inside Your Head
10. 10:15

"Striking, harrowing, compulsive listening"  - The Times
"Compelling, his most vivid collection of songs for 20 years" - The Sunday Times
"Bleak, spooky and unsettling" - The Evening Standard
"It has a nakedness that almost takes the breath away" - Daily Telegraph
"Geldof's masterpiece" - The Big Issue
"Fantastically raw.  Had me in tears" - The Independent
"Magnificent.  A milestone for pop music in the 21st century" -

Album notes...

Review of Sex, Age & Death
by Adrian Deevoy  Summer 2001

Listening to Sex, Age & Death, Bobs first album for five long years, you can sense this imperative at work in every track.  Rarely has a record detailed such a complexity of emotion or attempted to deal with a subject matter this difficult.  So much of Bob Geldof's life is a matter of public record.  Geldof himself readily acknowledges if his life story had been written as a Jacobean tragedy or an Italian opera, it would have been rejected by the commissioning editors on the grounds that it was too unbelievable.

While life has undoubtedly been kind to Bob, it has also been unfathomably cruel.  The last five heavily documented years have seen him confront more than most mortals could honestly cope with.  It was throughout this time that he wrote Sex, Age & Death as a release, and simply as the man says, because this is what he does.

"I can only ever write about that which happens to me, or my response to situations," says Geldof "so this is the latest instalment in my diary."  Although he remains reluctant to discuss the tragic three-way relationship between himself, his wife and her boyfriend, the ordeal now long over, casts a sad shadow over Sex, Age & Death.

"I don't discuss these things, literally because I can't," he continues uncomfortably "I can't show you my soul.  Some things are unsayable, but maybe you try to articulate the unspeakable in music.  So I have made an unspeakable album."

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