Sex, Age & Death is a brooding voodoo stew of sound.  Rhythms rumble and skitter, melodies shimmer like heat above Tarmac, voices arrive unannounced inside your head, sly curlicues of slide guitar slip from the speakers, the darkness hums, drunk choirs chorus, crickets call, smoke signals rise, and at one point you'll swear a kettle boils.  Like all great albums, Sex, Age & Death is both timeless and placeless, existing in its own space between then and now, here and there.  Listen closely and you'll hear echoes of John Lennon, Leonard Coen, Chet Baker, R.L. Burnside, The Clash and early Peter Gabriel.  You will recall Pink Floyd at their most acidic and Happy Mondays when the E ran out.  

"Musically it couldn't have sounded anything but exhausted and weary, because that's the place I was in," Geldof explains. "I remember saying to Pete Briquette, the albums co-producer, the whole thing sounds like someone on their own, late at night when strange sounds drift in and out of your head and semi-formed thoughts flicker through your mind.  I wanted to get to that point between sub-and fore-consciousness. "

And how would Bob recommend the album is best enjoyed?  "With a certain amount of sympathy," he dead pans. "It's very sparse and stripped down, so its probably not a Saturday night going out album.  I'd say, stick it on at 2 in the morning and revel in my world of unrelenting misery."

And the title?  "It's just that time," Geldof shrugs. "This is an album made by a person at a certain juncture in their life, there's no way round that. Can a 17 year old relate to that? Maybe, but probably not.  It's not going to be out there competing with Westlife, but that's not why I made it."

Welcome to Geldof's Sex, Age & Death, a life time and five years in the making. Ten songs about the stuff we prefer to leave unsaid.  It will take you to places you have never been, and if you're not careful, it will leave you there.  Sex, Age & Death: its not Westlife, but come on, this is Bob Fucking Geldof, did you really think it was going to be?



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