Joey's On The Street Again cont...


They said "Joey was this" and "Joey was that"
Oh that guy was crazy, what a crazy cat
But no one quite believed it, all rumors are the same
And now if something happens they say....
Joey's on the street again.

When Joey moved away
A lot of the kids said "I can't stay around here"
They said "I'm moving out, going away
They said "I'm leaving, getting out
"I'm gonna go somewhere where it doesn't stink
Away from the alleys, somewhere I can think
Wash the dirt from my hands, watch it wash down the sink
It's a strain on the brain living close to the brink

Look at the brickwall gravestone where some kid was sprayed
Saying nobody could be bothered here to rule O.K.
Don't believe it, don't believe it what they say on TV
There's no romance, no romance
For Joey in this city.

Never Bite The Hand That Feeds


Tell me what you're doing coming in so late at night
I wanna know
You say you're going out with childhood friends from way back when
Where do you go?
Tell us what you want, we'll give you what you need
Just show respect for your daddy, little girl,
You know you never bite the hand that feeds.

Your mother's driven up the walls, you make too many calls
Who do you phone?
You use this place like some hotel, you want something you ring the bell
That's wrong
So tell us what you want, we'll give you what you need
Just show some love for your mother, daughter dear
You know you never bite the hand that feeds

I don't know what went wrong
I couldn't understand
You grew up much too fast for me,
I wish it was before, like back when you were four
I had you on my knee and I told you lots of pretty things

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