Never Bite The Hand That Feeds cont...

Familial attention can't be bought like other toys, it can't be sold
And even if it could it wouldn't do you any good, you ought to know
I'll tell you what I want, I'll tell you what I need
I just need some money from my parents, daddy dear
And I'm going to bite your hand 'til it bleeds

I don't know what went wrong
I couldn't understand
You grew up much too fast for me,
I wish it was before, like back when you were four
I had you on my knee and I told you lots of pretty things

With her friend Bill, and on the pill, she took a smallish flat in Sandycove
He wheels and deals, she cooks the meals and soon it ended up just like before
Way back at home
He tells her what he wants, he tells her what he needs
He says "just show respect for your man, little girl"
"You know you never bite the hand that feeds"

Mary Of The 4th Form

Sittin' in the front row
Mary of the fourth form
Turnin' all the boys on
She's turnin' all the heads around
Hitchin' up her short skirt
Stretchin' out her long legs
Pullin' up her stockings
She's combing out her black hair
Starin' at the teacher
Openin' her lips wide
Shiftin' in her seat, yeah
She slowly moves her hips aside

But in the middle of the night
She wakes her Mom to put out the light
Her make-up's on and her jeans are skintight
And she's headed to the Pillar Bar

She walks into the Pool Hall room
The music's playing, she can see in the gloom
The boys are hanging out around table number five

Well, Johnnie looks alright tonight she thinks
He gives her a smoke and he buys her a drink
Shoots off a frame and they head off into the night

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