Wind Chill Factor (Minus Zero) cont...

You know when winter comes to visit these big cities,
And the wind starts howling through the elevator shafts.
Well, our love is like one of those older, colder buildings.
But there's cracks in my concrete, I begin to feel the draught.

You start to laugh (no)
You say you've won (no)
It's just I lost (no)
That's not the same (no)

I hobble to my corner and view the situation.
And we'll settle finally for some form of deep freeze the

Having My Picture Taken

My camera,
Sees things my eyes can't see.
I have it focused,
From here to eternity.
Catch the moment, catch the light, catch your breath
Let me freeze your frame.
We'll synchronize machine and brain,
But don't mind me...
I'm having my picture taken.

I can choose
Each day who I want to be.
You can choose
Each day who you want to see,
We'll scan the crowd and pan the rounds of all those
Distant scenes,
Immortalize a slice of time,
Hey don't mind me...
I'm having my picture taken.

Flash: another instant in an instamatic,
Click: another reflex set on automatic,
Snap: another moment of the life dramatic,
You really should have been there it was so fantastic

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