Go Man Go

These are danger days (What sort of days are these?)
These are troubled times (Dy'aknow what time it is?)
There it goes again (Another gear being slipped)
I must be near the sea (A single cod n' chips)
A cup a tea for three and (Six including V.A.T.)
Around the rugged rocks (A round trip there and back)
The Helter Skelter's Free (Don't tell mad Charlie that)
I'd send a bloody card (He'd want a bloody snap)

I'd stay at home today,
But the world said (Go man go)
Everybody said (Go man go)
Local Postman said (Go man go)

I feel so down (so low, too tired to think)
I feel so low (oh no, well, whatdya think?)
My feet slow down (ah slow, well I can't lift my head)
A fevered brow (Oh no, I think I'll stay here in bed)
Thunder over Tokyo, pressure on my eyes,
Hi-fi on their head, while they tidy their tithes.
Dear Auntie Fifi, You should see this place
They grow a cushion on you back, and a flu mask on your face.

I'd stay at home today
But the world said (Go man go)
In Japanese they said
Hoya soto ha ha ha( Go man go)
I heard someone say (Go man go)
And we went

Go man go (repeat)

Under Their Thumb Is Under My Thumb

Under their thumb
Kicked and beaten like an angry rabid dog
Under their thumb
Squashed and squeezed like a dried-up, rinsed out worm
You can't do a thing
Best lie still 'til you wait your turn
Can't do a thing
Your day will come
You're under their thumb

Under their thumb
And now you feel you're not alone
Under their thumb
And now you feel the pressure zone
You can't do a thing
Revenge is sweet but it's sugar free
Can't do a thing
Your day will come
Now you're under their thumb
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