Whitehall 1212

Scotland Yard

Hello, can I speak to Blake of the yard?

Wha's up Gov

Mood Mambo

Somewhere up town late last night around 9 o'clock
There was a black snake crawling up the
Latin American stairs
With his, Slicked, Black, Cockroachair
He was greasy lightning
He was looking for someone else
He said "I know you, you know me, heyheylezzosee.....
I'm in the Mood to Mambo..."
Yeah Bongo Crazy man.
Someone else pulled out a gun and said
"It's a little too late for that sort of thing...
If you think that you're the white/black snake don't go messing with me...
I'm not in the mood"
Somebody else pulled,
I said "Don't be rude....just say Bongo Crazy man"
Yah...been there
Done that
given every tit-for-tat
I'm for me, You're for you
Let's keep it that way


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