Mood Mambo cont...

Later on underneath the river
Some frogman slipped
On his black beret
Over his skin
Tight rubbersuit.
Black boots
Looking for a place to go
An dive
Heading for the nearest divers skive
Looking for love
On the cheap rate
Gonna make it down
with you wan
D'ja see?
He said
"Crazy bongo
I'm in the Mood to Mambo"

We can watch the come
Dancing competitions
From the Midlands International Danceband Orchestra.
Lifting up their frilly chiffon skirts
They whirled and they twirled
In the late night rustle
To the beat of the muscle
Of the drum man

Mood Mambo cont...

He's picking up the beat on the bongo skin
He was lookin for love underneath that din.
He was looking for me
He was looking for you
Till I walked up to the woman
And I said (with a shoe)
I'm in the mooooood tooooooo mambo
Bongo Crazy

Let me into one of the secrets of this place
Y'see thelate night
Flick knives glitter through the window
Careful where you go boy
Those knives are Flick, Flack
Flagging through the dark, man
They're gonna cut your skin
I talked to Fr. Murphy and he swore he wouldn't tell
But some of those boys are gonna go to hell
See they're in the Mood to Mambo
Crazy Bongo
cha cha cha
The fog horns scream
And the boys go "Woo Woo"
I don't mind
Cos I'm with you
We go bongo crazy
Yes we do
No we don't
Bongo crazy!!

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