The Bitter End

To the bitter end
We go all the way
It isn't too far
It isn't too far
To the bitter end
With our wills of iron
Souls of coal
Hearts of gold

To the bitter end
Sit on a fence all day
Looking for change
Any spare change
To the bitter end
And on the side that wins
How can you lose?
We always do

To the bitter end
When the wind bites cold
Look at the rain
Engand in May

To the bitter end
We'll go all the way
It isn't too far

And it goes on...

Talking In Code

Why are you talking in code?
You talk so loud sometimes we don't understand
C'mon give us a sign
Wave us a flag or flash me an eye
Cos I need you tonight
I need you right now
I got sweat on my mind
But you're taking your time
Yeah kiss where it stings c'mon show me a time
But when you talk in code and you talk in signs
Wave those hands
And you flash those eyes
I don't understand when you blind me with science
You talk in code
Talking keep talkin'

Decipher me now
Describe me an arc with a low point or two
Ah cough me a code
Astonish me dear with a new point of view
Yes it's all in your hands
The Wristwatch Frisco is in action again
Ah well I like you I think
It varies so much sometimes it really depends on
If you talk in code...etc.

And then if A = B
Sometimes what you say isn't all that it seems
And if C = 3
Inscrutable view with a new slant on things
Ah semaphore girl
I love the taste of you dressed up in green
But you're talking in code
I don't understand but I won't make a scene
Cos when you....etc.
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