Dave'd called me up yesterday
Everything he loved had moved away
I felt despair come crawling
through that phone
I know the feeling but don't get me wrong
Dave I've always thought that
you were touched by fate
It's never easy but why throw it away?
Maybe you were both chasing this
Flirt with death but never kiss her,

Oh, I keep dreaming, I'll set the scene,
So what's a fiver? Why so mean?
The golden moment, the blinding gleam
It's all over, that's too cheap.

I see you bleed,
I know you feel the squeeze,

But please,
The view from on your knees
Keep going.

Dave cont...

I know you're empty, I know you're numb
And you can't function, I
know that you're drunk
But Dave I've always felt that
you were touched by fate
The thing that gets me is
the stupid waste.
So pick it up and don't put it down,
A newer story in another town

I see you bleed
I know you feel the squeeze
Time heals
Then it will seem you
dreamed these things,
Long Ago.

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