August Was A Heavy Month cont...

Baby Blue picks up her life tonight
And rushes for the Chelsea train
All the stars shine down on her tonight
And August was a heavy month

The photograph is cracked and torn
From being picked up, put down
Like some holy relic
Whose worshippers are found
Searching through their sacred books
For the holy grail of "why"
But the total sum of knowledge
Knows no more than you or I
Alright, alright says Baby Blue
Who doesn't really understand
August was a heavy month
But winter came at last.

Love Like a Rocket

Terry still meets Julie every Friday night
Down at Waterloo underground
Nothing much has changed
Except now they're both afraid
But they're not sure what went wrong
Terry holds her tight and says
Some things I can't explain
But in twenty years baby
Some things have got to change
Paradise is gone
If it was ever on
But there's one thing Julie
That'll always be the same
My love is a rocket
Like a rocket on fire
Goes straight up to the sky
Love like rocket
Like a rocket on fire
I'm gonna love you till the day I die
But Julie's not convinced that that's enough anymore
Cos the Waterloo sunset won't work for her anymore

Julie cries a lot but she tries to hide the tears
From the kids coming in from school
She's looking at a picture taken Margate '66
Of Terry on the pier looking cool
She tries to remember the boy in the snap
But the baby's woken up from her afternoon nap
She runs a wrinkled hand through her tired hair
Then sighs and mutters something sounding close to despair

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