Love Like A Rocket cont...

But love like a rocket
Like a rocket on fire
He's gonna love her till the day he dies
But in the middle of another little household chore
She knows the Waterloo sunset won't work for her anymore

Standing on the bridge Terry stops and checks his wrist
As the water rushes by below
It's almost half past six but the people moving by
Make it seem like twenty years ago
Julie gets there late but she always makes him wait
Until the sky turns from red to gold
She says "Terry I don't think we should come here no more"
And like he's waited for this moment
He just stares and says "I Know"
And love like a rocket
Like a rocket on fire
Goes straight up to the sky
Loves like a rocket
Like a rocket on fire
He'll love her till the day he dies

And then he squeezes Julie's hand as the water starts to glow
A tear falls in the river then disappears with the flow
And is gone.

I Cry Too

Something's wrong
She was lying on the bed
Crying when I walked in and said
“You like you're dying”
She said “I feel it
I've felt this way a long time”
And now she's gone

Later on I would lie by her heart
Silent but awake in the dark
The two of us staring
I thought I'd lost her
I loved her for a long time
Now she's gone

It got so hard
It gets so hard
There's a feeling inside
That can't be described
Not a question of death
Not a matter of life
More a slow breaking down
Like emotional rust
It's an emptiness there
That will turn things to dust, now

Baby,baby, the whole world dies
So we die slowly
Darling, darling, I see you cry
So I cry with you too

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