• 2 July 2005: AOL Music begins broadcasting streams from each city live and on-demand at Aolmusic.com.

  • 2 July 2005: The march against poverty in Edinburgh starts and continues mostly peacefully, with an estimate of 200,000 people involved with the march. Main concerts start.

  • 3 July 2005: Sail 8 flops and sinks without trace.

  • 6 July 2005: Edinburgh 50,000 - The Final Push concert in Edinburgh takes place.

  • 8 July 2005: The G8 summit ends. Leaders pledge to increase aid to developing countries by US$50 billion overall by 2010, including an increase of US$25 billion in aid for Africa.

  • 8 July 2005: Live 8 organiser Bob Geldof thanks the G8 for meeting the Live 8 goal and then knocks off for a cuppa.

Live 8 list
"We don't want your money, we want your voice." Bob Geldof

The previous Live Aid concert, held in 1985, was a massive fundraising effort which accumulated approximately £79 million, which was sent to the world's poorest countries in aid.

The current Live 8 concert is not a fundraising event of any kind; rather, the organisers are hoping that it will spur people's political interest. The event coincides with the 2005 G8 summit at the Gleneagles Hotel, Perthshire, Scotland, and the idea behind it is to overwhelm the eight politicans attending with the amount of public support for the principles of the Make Poverty History campaign.

An enormous petition with (presently) over 30 million names is available to be signed on the Internet. Named the "Live 8 List", this can be reached via the Live8 List page. Millions of paper petitions and emails have already been submitted.

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