The Official Live8 Book

With a foreword by Bob Geldof and over 300 colour photographs, this is the only official Live8 book to be published, and charts one of the most momentous days the world has seen in decades. For every copy sold £5 will go to Live8.

From Geldof's initial reluctance to stage another Band Aid event to the lead up to the concerts around the world and the day itself, this book is a unique record of an extraordinary day witnessed by over 85% of the world's population. The book will also contain backstage images, exclusive photographs from the concerts around the world, reflections and quotes from the many performers.

Live 8 includes text and pictures reminding us exactly what the day was about and what is now required in the battle towards making poverty history. Includes reflections on the outcome of the landmark G8 summit in Edinburgh.

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The Official Live 8 Book
Foreword by Bob Geldof
Copyright Bob Geldof 2005

In other places in this book you will see what it was all about and what it means for the future of the poorest and weakest people in our world. You already know  how we roared on behalf of those who were mute, how we moved power for the powerless, how we walked that long walk for many who cannot even crawl and how billions of us stood up for the beaten down and put-upon.

I think I cried because I was never sure it was going to work. That billions of us could force the men in charge to move. I was worried that they would remain forever remote, unreachable in the isolated vacuum of their national power. But it did work. In the end there were just too many of us.

I thought, 'Now we have to make sure they cash it', and we will. We will get them to spend the money, we will name the corrupt who try to take one percent of it and we will speed up the 100% debt cancellation for the poorest countries that was also confirmed at Gleneagles.  

Because of this thing - this concert, event, lobby, protest, gathering, moment. Because of you. And the bands.  And the crews and technicians and thousands of people who made this thing that was Live 8. Because of all this, the men in those helicopters had just written a cheque to double aid to $50 billion for the poor of Africa over the next few years. Unbelievable

They couldn't see or hear me and I didn't really understand it, but I began to sob. I felt weird, empty.  I don't know… it was over. It was over.

Three days ago, in the late bright afternoon, I wandered across the scissor-mown lawns at Gleneagles. I found a little clearing amongst some trees and hunched down. Overhead the humming bird helicopters clattered and thumped in the evening air as the world's most powerful people left what the Secretary General of the United Nations called the most successful and important G8 Summit for Africa there has ever been.

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