The Roads To Germany cont...

And I'm walking in a Black Forest lane
And I step into the trees for to get some leafy shade
And I fall asleep in some dappled sunlit glade
And I dream and in my dream I am lost and afraid
And it grows dark, it grows damp and I shiver and I'm cold
And deep inside the forest something obscenely old
Stirs and shakes and comes awake and in it's putrid pit
It belches and it squirms in its own dirt and filth
And slithers on it's stinking slime while everything holds its breath
And its slow thighs, blank eyes pitiless as the past
Reborn from its fitful sleep, its hour come again at last
Slouches towards its own Jerusalem to be re-cast
And in my horror I recognise myself in it as it passes
Familiar and repulsive and as old as mortal man
This philosophy of brutality, ignorance and hate
Buried deep in everyone waiting to escape
And you must kill it before it kills you and everything in its wake
And I take my knife and I kill it, and it screams and then I wake
And I'm terrified and horrified and in this mortal state
I stagger toward the curbside of the 4 lane motorway
"Drive" I say and we drive and soon I stop shaking
But I can't stop thinking 'bout these dreams and revelations
Except it's not a dream it's real and it's of our own making
And it's not just Germany it's everywhere and the whole world is a-quaking
As we turn onto this road we all seem to be taking
And you can't help thinking these things on the roads of Germany

 A Sex Thing

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