New Routine

Sink with me beneath the waves
Drowning not waving
Stay a little
Dream a while
On loving and being loved

Brilliant shafts of chemical light
Pierce the gloom
Turn on the night
Talk to me a while
On loving and being loved
Whatja have to do to get a drink here
Whatja have to do to get a drink

Trip down to the great unconscious
Lose yourself feel slightly nauseous
Past nowhere, nothing
And the void between them
It's red and gold and orange too
This underwater's much too blue

The cushion's soft, the fire's warm
The candle burns
This feels like home
I fall into your arms
Almost happy

It's not exactly Ovaltine
But welcome to the new routine
Whatja have to do to get a drink here


Dog days fall
Without saying anything
Razzing round your head
Like unwanted flies
One day I'll get it together
And buy one of those
Electric blue fly killer things
Mount it on the kitchen wall over there
And watch 'em fry (wouldn't you?)
Watch 'em die (couldn't you?)
Pass the time (shouldn't you?)
And you did. . .didn't you?

Baby, baby love falls away
Floats away
Melts into the April air
Summer's coming
I caught it on the hill
Over-ripe already
Still unfilled (wouldn't you?)
Unfulfilled (couldn't you?)
Still unstilled (shouldn't you?)
And didn't you?

Here we all are
Sitting on a mudslide
Are you on my side
Or are you on the other side's side
Here we all are
Standing in a minefield
How does your mind feel?
Standing in my field?

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