Mudslide cont...

Hey Adrian, I've been dreaming of deserts again
Crocodiles of weeping children
Pass as slow as the sky
Their eyes the only source of water
For two thousand miles
What does it all mean?
I wake up and I swat the night
But everything's so dusty
So empty
So arid (wouldn't you?)
So dry (couldn't you?)
But you did, didn't you?

Didn't you?

Mind In Pocket

Say what you want

Stuffed air, muggy, thunderous July
Snatches of human drum 'n' bass rolling by
Noise intrudes into my interesting mood
Over half-read books
And half-eaten food
Upstairs they're staging the usual riot
But I'd prefer it to the silence
I'm more afraid of quiet
I need the cities shrieks
This night of urban charms
There's people on the street
Dancing to their car alarms

Put your mind in your pocket
Put your pocket
Where your mouth should be

Talk to a totally nude girl for a dollar
I'm in a topless mood
But my dick can't be bothered
I want to speak to a fully clothed person
For free I think
But I'm not really certain

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