'You've been told over the last few days that CBS is a real family,' he begins, a couple of weeks of growing resentment coming to a head, 'full of warm and wonderful human beings. Frankly,' he goes on, 'I didn't know there were that many warm and wonderful human beings in the entire world. Let alone one record company. I think,' he continues, 'you all know that really you're just a bunch of fuckin' bastards.'
This gets a few cheers from people who don't know Geldof's entirely serious.

Geldof returns to our table, bizarrely exchanging handshakes with the CBS top-brass and their armies of underlings.
'What a bunch of fuckin' morons,' Geldof hisses in my ear, giving a big friendly wave to a couple of passing vice presidents. 'Absolute fuckin' morons.'
It's the moment, I think, that Bob realises America may already be slipping away from him, which it does when Tonic For The Troops finally comes out over there to raves like the one I wrote all those years ago, but no one save the critics seems to notice. Still, back here, 1978 was unquestionably the year of the Rat. Outselling, outgunning all comers. A Tonic For the Troops defined its moment and confirmed the Rats as one of the biggest bands of our time. They had with this record scrambled to the very top and they had unlike many others practised this fine art of surfacing without suffering the creative bends along the way. Which is, of course, another story.

 The Fine Art of Surfacing

All songs written by Bob Geldof unless otherwise indicated.

1. Someone's Looking at You
– 4:22

2. Diamond Smiles – 3:49
3. Wind Chill Factor (Minus Zero) – 4:35
4. Having My Picture Taken (Geldof, Pete Briquette) – 3:18
5. Sleep (Fingers' Lullaby) (Johnnie Fingers) – 5:30
7. I Don't Like Mondays – 4:16
8. Nothing Happened Today – 3:18
9. Keep It Up (Geldof, Gerry Cott) – 3:39
10. Nice N Neat – 2:50
11. When the Night Comes – 5:00

2005 re-release bonus tracks

1. Episode #3 – 1:10
2. Real Different (b-side of Elephant's Graveyard) – 2:39
3. How Do You Do? (b-side of Like Clockwork) – 2:39
4. Late Last Night (b-side of Diamond Smiles) – 2:43
5. Nothing Happened Today (Live in Cardiff) – 3:44

Album notes....

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