I was doubting everything. But I was also having fun. And I was wondering, 'How long does this go on? Am I that interested in this life? Does it really matter if I'm in the American charts or not?'

In the end, it didn't: Geldof's full, second life as a solo artist and the founding conscience of Band Aid and Live Aid has proven that. And while the Boomtown Rats never fully recovered from their collision with America, I know what might have been - indeed, should have been. It’s all here on this album.
And I'll always have Glasgow.

David Fricke - New York City
December, 2004


 Mondo Bongo (1980)

All songs were written by Bob Geldof, except where noted.

1. Mood Mambo (Geldof,
Pete Briquette)
2. Straight Up
3. This Is My Room (Geldof, Simon Crowe)
4. Another Piece of Red
5. Go Man Go
6. Under Their Thumb... Is Under My Thumb (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards)
7. Please Don't Go
8. The Elephant's Graveyard
9. Banana Republic (Geldof, Briquette)
10. Fall Down
11. Hurt Hurts
12. Whitehall 1212

Additional Tracks on Remaster - Released February 2005  Universal Records
14.Don't Talk To Me (B-Side)
15.Arnold Layne (Recorded For TV)
16.Another Piece Of Red (Live In Portsmouth)

Album notes...

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