So, Mondo Bongo is the most interesting Boomtown Rats record because it recognises a world the Rats had conquered, gone around and which Geldof in all of these songs sees is on the brink of change. It is an album that now seems to be set on the eve of modern history, just before the collapse of multiple Berlin Walls. The Banana Republic will implode, the World map must lose yet "Another Piece of Red", Florida's "Elephant's Graveyard" – "Disneyland under martial law" – will play a central role in the election of an American President. Not least, mortal pop stars, rather than infallible pontiffs, will make the most telling contributions towards alleviating third world poverty.

From the outset, the restless Africana of "Mondo Bongo" itself implies unfinished business, as though the aggressive spirit of the Beat Poets had been interrupted, not terminated, by hard drugs and Free Love. From now on, the world would be met head on, not by idealism but on its own harsh terms.


 V Deep (1982)

All songs were written by Bob Geldof, except where noted.

1. Never in a Million Years
2. The Bitter End
3. Talking in Code
4. He Watches It All
5. A Storm Breaks
6. Charmed Lives
7. House on Fire
8. Up All Night
9. Skin on Skin
10. The Little Death (Geldof, Pete Briquette)
11. ... House Burned Down

Album notes...

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