Looking After No.1

"Dr Feelgood were absolutely central to the Rats. When I heard "Down By The Jetty", it just fucking Blew. Me. Away. I still have it in the car. The Feelgoods and R&B were it for me. Our early live set used to be their entire first album and that was pretty well it. So "Looking After No 1" was my attempt to write a Feelgood's song at about 90 miles an hour. it's got a couple of good lines in it. 'The world owes me a living/l've been waiting on this dole queue too long/l've been standing in the rain for 15 minutes/And that's a quarter of an hour too long': It was all punk bravado, but it was a statement of intent. It was my way of saying, I'm going to be me. I'm not a wanker, you cunts. Twelve months after picking up my dole, going home and writing that song, it was in the Top 20. Weird life. The boy behind me in the queue was called Johnny Fingers. I started talking to him cos he was wearing pyjamas in the rain. He became the piano player. "

 Deep In The Heart of Nowhere (1986)
Bob Geldof's first solo album

1. This Is the World Calling (3:59)
2. In The Pouring Rain (4:32)
3. August Was A Heavy Month (5:15)
4. Love Like A Rocket (4:50)
5. I Cry Too (4:27)
6. When I Was Young (5:01)
7. This Heartless Heart (4:15)
8. The Beat Of The Night (5:11)
9. Truly, True Blue (1:19)
10. Pulled Apart By Horses (4:29)
11. Words From Heaven (4:19)
12. Good Boys In The Wrong (5:18)
13. Night Turns To Day (4:53)
14. Deep In The Heart Of Nowhere (1:18)

All songs written by Bob Geldof, except "Love Like A Rocket" (Geldof / Doom. All songs published by NOB Music / Intersong Music Ltd., except tracks 1 & 4 by NOB Music / Intersong Music Ltd. / RCA Music Ltd.   Mercury (CD 830 607-2, UK)

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