Deep In The Heart of Nowhere

Very Deep, with lots of heart 
By RS Wayment
(San Antonio, TX, USA)

This was Geldof's first solo album and it came out about a year after Live Aid. No reviewer seemed to know what to make of it. If Geldof had come out with something as good as Blood on the Tracks or as bad as M. C. Hammers gangsta rap album, the reviews wouldn't have been much different than theywere. They all said it was good, but not great. For me, it was more complicated than that. Some of the songs are truly great. Some sound like two or three different song-bits fitted together by a huge production.  And sometimes that works. But it doesn't always feel fully-formed. It almost seems like the songs got onto tape too soon after being thought of without enough time for Geldof to walk around with them in his head and make sure he liked them all. But there is a purity and a directness in the songs. All articulate genuine emotion, most are catchy, and a few are some of my favourite songs in the world. Geldof sounds every bit as frazzled to the bone as he no doubt was after two years of non-stop famine work. But the whole thing is soaked in the soothing pop sounds of the absolutely stellar musicians and production artists involved: Dave Stuart, Brian Setzer, Allison Moyet, Midge Ure, Clem Burke, Maria McKee, Annie Lennox, Jooles Holland, and Eric Clapton, to name a few. The combination works most of the time. In fact, I love the album.

Vegetarians of Love (1990)

1. A Gospel Song
2. Love Or Something
3. The Great Song Of Indifference

4. Thinking Voyager 2 Type Things
5. Big Romantic Stuff
6. Crucified Me
7. The Chains Of Pain
8. A Rose At Night
9. No Small Wonder
10. Walking Back To Happiness
11. Let It Go
12. The End Of The World

All songs written by Bob Geldof except "Love Or Something" - Bob Geldof / David A. Stewart, "Thinking Voyager 2 Type Things" - Bob Geldof & Pete Briquette, "The Chains Of Pain" - Bob Geldof / Dann / Mitchell

Bob Geldof - Nob Music / Intersong Music
David A. Stewart - BMG Music Publishing
Pete Briquette - EMI Publishing

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