Mondo Bongo - US Version (1981)

All songs were written by Bob Geldof, except where noted.

1. Mood Mambo (Geldof, Pete Briquette)
2. Straight Up
3. This Is My Room (Geldof, Simon Crowe)
4. Another Piece of Red
5. Go Man Go
6. Under Their Thumb... Is Under My Thumb (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards)
7. Please Don't Go
8. The Elephants Graveyard
9. Banana Republic (Geldof, Briquette)
10. Don't Talk To Me
11. Hurt Hurts

12. Up All Night"

 Sleeve Notes from the remastered CD release
Mondo Bongo
- Philip Chevron, The Pogue

"Somewhere up town late last night around 9 o'clock........." Dublin, 1976: In the teeming basement of Moran's Hotel, Eddie and the Hot Rods, pub-rockers reclassified punkers by virtue of their youth and the then sketchily drawn battle-lines, were in the frenetic home-straight of their set and going down a storm. A familiar wiry figure bounded over to where I was standing. "We're better than them", said Bob Geldof, "my lot and your lot." It was generous of him to include "my lot", as The Radiators (from Space) were still 24 hours away from our first gig, supporting, as it happens, Eddie and the Hot Rods. But Bob and I already shared the view that such details could be sketched in later – you either knew what you were doing or you didn't, you either had the passion or not. Plus, he was campaigning for my vote here: he wanted it to be unanimous. "I'd stay at home today / But the world said Go man Go" What clinched it was the roar of the crowd. Shockingly, the only thing that seemed to qualify the lads onstage for louder acclaim than The Boomtown Rats was the trek from Essex and some supportive words from the NME. However risible it might seem three decades later, such was the state of the national inferiority complex in 1976 that a UK band was just automatically considered better than a homegrown one.


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