Bob Geldof & The Boomtown Rats

1. I Don't Like Mondays
2. This is the World Calling
3. Rat Trap
4. The Great Song of Indifference
5. Love or Something
6. Banana Republic
7. Crazy
8. The Elephants Graveyard
9. Someone's Looking at You
10. She's So Modern
11. House on Fire
12. The Beat of the Night
13. Diamond Smiles
14. Like Clockwork
15. Room 19
16. Mary of the 4th Form
17. Looking After No.1

Album notes...

 Notes from Loudmouth - By Bob Geldof

"I Don't Like Mondays"

"I wrote it in Atlanta about 20 minutes after I was doing a college interview and they were playing tracks and the telex machine was coming through with the news and i was just reading it, as the machine disgorged this stuff. And it said that this shooting was underway in California, this girl was in her house overlooking the playground of her school, shooting people. This journalist had called her in the house, in the room where she was and asked her, firstly, was there any particular person she was shooting and she said, "No." And he said, "Well how are you choosing who to shoot?" 

She said, "I don't really like the people in the blue jackets, so I'm shooting them first." Then he said, "Well why are you doing it?" She paused momentarily and replied, "Because I don't like Mondays." I thought, How fucking weird. Then I went back to the hotel and it was preying on my mind and I was actually playing Elvis Costello's "Oiiver's Army" on the guitar and it sort of turned into "The silicon chip inside her head/Gets switched to overload". The song is less about that specific incident and more about what I used to think was a peculiarly Californian psychosis:- not needing a reason for anything even murder. Vacant modern life. No
w I no longer think it's just Californian."

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