The Great Song Of Indifference

"That was me trying to find a new vibe. Two years from "Deep in The Heart Of Nowhere", I wanted to change and come up with a new sound completely. So Rupert Hine got together 5 guys in the studio who I had never met in my life and we wanted to do something as spontaneous as possible. I'd been in New Orleans listening to this Cajun band in a bar and it was just fantastic. So I tried to incorporate that spirit and gave myself 5 days to do the album, start to finish. "The Great Song Of Indifference"

It actually started out as a sort of cod Paddy thing. It wasn't a "written" song. Everything that happened, including the words, was completely spontaneous. But I liked the words when I listened back to them. They were a nice reaction to what had gone before and it was a sideways shift away from the Rats sound."

Love Or Something

"I was trying out my Cajun/lrish thing, but still using the R&B I was used to playing. The words are funny if you can hear them."

Banana Republic  

"I wrote that just after the Rats had been refused permission to play in Ireland. They kept stopping us by removing the insurance from wherever we wanted to put the show on. it's hard now to understand, but to the Irish establishment, we were a bit like a Sex Pistols type band. But we had just been the first Irish band to be No 1 and we and most young Irish people were fairly proud of this. It turned into an us and them situation. I was very embittered. It was my thing about Ireland at that time. 't/ wonder do you wonder/When You're sleeping with your whore/Sharing beds with history/ls like licking running sores". Very bitter. "The purple and the pinstripe" in the Iyrics was the priests and politicians. And there's a reference to the Irish National Anthem; "Striking up 'A Soldier's Song/l know that tune/lt begs too many questions/And answers to/Banana Republic ". it caused a bit of a ruck, I'm glad to say. We eventually played in a private garden. Twenty thousand people came with 12 hours notice."

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