"In the same spirit as "She's So Modern" and "Do They Know it's Xmas", this was a record with a purpose, ie, to have a hit single. (I'm writing this before the record comes out, so if "Crazy" is a stiff at the time of reading, then we obviously got it completely wrong). Nothing new there. So I sat down with Dave Stewart who is brilliant, and tried to come up with a dance-around-the-handbag" type vibe. Being me, it turned into a song about obsession. But it still sounds like a "proper" radio song, as opposed to a song I would like to hear on the radio, but only hear in my head - and subsequently on my records, which of course, never get played on the radio. And Sting's a bastard for having such a brilliant voice."

 The Elephants Graveyard

"There had been race riots in Miami in 1979 and we had passed through. Three guys had been arrested within a day and found guilty of starting the riots. It was clearly laughable. "Guilty till proven guilty//isn't that the law?" It was the idea of all those people who had saved all their lives for "the golf-cart life" suddenly finding Paradise had a rotten core that appealed to me. "The Elephants' Graveyard ain't the place to be':"

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