Trying to review an album which is not at
all new to me...

Corinna Wodrich, April 2002

Two hours ago I switched on the computer, intending to write something about one of Bob's older albums, when the phone rang. As weird things tend to happen, it was Claudia, one of the original Hamburg 4, who I had not spoken to in ages. I had expected to meet her at Bob's recent Hamburg gig, but she never came. Now she called, wanting to know if I had been there and asking me to tell her something about the gig. Isn't that strange?

Well, this is not really what I meant to tell you but I just couldn't help letting you know about this most weird coincidence.

What I meant to do was to write a review about Bob's album The Vegetarians Of Love. A while ago Ian (of the sent me an e-mail, saying he liked what I wrote about Bob's latest album (Sex, Age & Death) and asking me if I might be interested in reviewing Bob's older albums, too? I said, I was indeed interested, knowing all the time how strange it is to review an album which has been sitting in my shelves for more than a decade (!) and which has been played over and over since. Strange, but very tempting, too.

So right now I'll press the play button on my stereo and then let's see what comes to my mind when I listen to the songs once again.

 The Gospel Song


Knowing what is to come on this album, this song now feels a bit like an introduction into the new style of music Bob is following on this album. Remember, the album before this was Deep In The Heart Of Nowhere, an album which - naccording to Bob himself -was a bit of a compromise between continuing with what the Boomtown Rats had been doing up until then and trying to find a new place for himself (as a solo artist).

The Gospel Know introduces all the musicians and all the instruments of this album. It's a slow song, very calm and gentle. Not quite the opener that makes you dive across the room, thinking something like, 'Wow, I haven't heard this album in ages! Thank God I found it today, it's fantastic! More like, OK, that's a nice song. Let's see what is following.'

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