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Sex, Age & Death Review
by Eyad Ammari at
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Why not call it Tunes of Murder for all the power it exerts! The only question I would have to Mr. Geldof if I were to meet him is, "where the hell have you been hiding this all those years?" 'One For Me', the opener, is a soft rockish song with a bluesy twang. Sounding unlike the rest of them on the disc, it comes as a strong prelude. You don't know what to expect-almost as if Geldof is showing off his vocal muscles tickling himself for the surprise of '$6,000,000 Loser'.

All speculation aside, the song defies classification except possibly as a lullaby for the senile. Not to fool you, it will move you-especially with the odd harmonics of the African-sounding backing vocals. 'Pale White Girls' is Herculean in delivery. It's an epic on the level of Elbow's 'New Born' although radically different in sound. Geldof's voice layers an ethereal emotion-you're taken as he lets all know, "My permission to bleed. Has been guaranteed. By the one. Whose approval I need."Needless to say, the remaining seven tracks will grab you no less. If you're an old-timer and remember Pink Floyd as the band of the previous century, let it be
known that the future holds many gems of the past. Otherwise, if nu-Metal is your thrill, you need to listen to these lyrics-they're a frustration of something that's actually tangible.

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